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WoW Chromie confirms that it is mutant, as does the narration

A short story centered around Chromie's origins features prominently in the collection of various tales from across WoW lore, which some fans received ahead of the book's official release date of May 25. The storyteller of the story begins by referring to Chromie as he / she, but once Chromie undergoes a right of passage known as the Facial Ceremony, the character is referred to as both her / her in her form of gnome and dragon.

Chromie has appeared in World of Warcraft for quite some time, exactly since 2004, in what was patch 1.2, and although this character has been with us for a long time before Wow will be released in Europe, we did not know important information about the bronze dragon, because after almost 20 years we come to know another aspect of it ... or rather the.


WoW narrative leader Steve Danuser accessed Twitter to answer fans' questions about Chromie's pronouns:"Hello! A lot of people have this question about your Chromie story. There's a bit of confusion regarding the reveal, so it would be great if she could help us educate ourselves a bit. Is she supposed to be trans (always her) or gender fluid (she like a gnome, he like a dragon)? ”, User KiraserHQ consulted.

While many fans have long speculated that Chromie was transgender or liquid, it's nice to see Blizzard make it official and incorporate the character's story after all these years.

While this could simply be a fantasy tale, many fans are interpreting the story as Chromie now being canonically trans.Unfortunately some players, having referred to Chromie with she/her pronouns throughout the game until now, are now choosing to misgender the character.

Chromie has been present in World of Warcraft almost from the beginning, it was added in Patch 1.2 in late 2004, before the fantasy game launched in Europe. It has appeared in all major expansions as it has hosted Shadowlands Walking Missions.

“My real name is Chronormu. How? ... No, she is not a male name. You clearly don't understand the refined aspects of draconic culture. "

And it is that these creative decisions would go in pursuit of a greater diversity in video games, looking with varied characters to the different fans of the industry. Therefore, this type of change is very likely that we will continue to see them from now on in various aspects.

‘The Deaths of Chromie’ quest sees you saving Chromie, a member of the Bronze Dragonflight clan, from multiple assassination attempts.Don’t worry though, if you missed your latest World of Warcraft raid because you were twerking to Lil Nas X, that’s ok.

Azeroth's Folk and Fairy Tales will be released on May 25th. The Burning Crusade will be showing “WOW Classic” in June.

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