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World of Warcraft classics are fascinating

Scientists and researchers are convinced that video games do not affect the daily life of gamers, but some examples are quite the opposite. A tragic love story recently appeared on the network: a stirmer told her that she had been dumped by a guy for the World of Warcraft Classic.

Another tragic love story was told by streamer Saruei, according to dexerto.com.

What happened? According to her, after the release of the WoW Classic the guy became less and less alert to her, and at some point even stopped responding to the message. Then the girl put an ultimatum, she or the game. The answer was immediate: "For the Horde!"

The popularity of the game WoW. It is possible that this is not the only such case, given the popularity of the World of Warcraft Classic.

Immediately after launching MMORPG, the number of its viewers on Twitch has exceeded one million, and players have to queue for a quest - the servers are literally crowded. And it is unknown what gamers donated, humbly awaiting their chance to kill the boss.

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