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World of Warcraft Classic patch 1.13.3 bringing new PVP battlegrounds

More than a month ago, World of Warcraft Classic released patch 1.13.3, bringing new PVP battlegrounds including Alterac Valley, which is a 40v40 large-scale PvPvE battleground for level 51+ players. When a group defeats the enemy general, they achieved the victory, but many objectives can be completed for tactical advantages such as capturing graveyards, defending towers, and summoning faction lords.

Alterac Valley is a 40v40 Battleground which is available from Level 51. All eligible players are grouped together, including Level 60s. Once you enter Alterac Valley, Alliance players will start near Dun Baldar, in the north, while Horde players will start in the south, next to Frostwolf Keep. Each team has a single objective: kill the enemy commander.

The most common way to victory in Alterac Valley is by killing the enemy Warmaster or General. While you can win by running the opponent out of reinforcements, killing the warmaster is far come common.These final NPC's are found in the enemy headquarters and are guarded by several marshals. All warmasters and marshals are buffed by each other for every one that remains. The buff is a stacking increase of health and damage by 25%. This makes it very important to capture each tower to ensure the corresponding marshal de-spawns, and removes a buff from the Warmaster. In addition, if you are in need of cheap world of warcraft classic gold, you can visit our website 5mmo.com.

There are multiple quests in Alterac Valley. Some are only available inside the battleground and help you win while others are obtained from the Alterac Mountains entrance NPCs, and grant you unique gear. The non-repeatable quests also contribute with reputation, helping you reach Exalted, and the best rewards, faster.

There are a total of seven Graveyards in Alterac Valley. Graveyards are respawning locations, if and when your character dies you will respawn at the closest graveyard. The distance between a battle and a graveyard is a decisive factor for reinforcements and the ability to sustain an offensive or defensive location. Fighting for graveyards is the single most important objective in order to gain control over a region. Make sure to provide sufficient defenders at graveyards once captured!
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