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World of Warcraft Classic Feast of Winter Veil Seasonal Event is Underway

From December 16 til January 2, WoW Classic will be caught up in a flurry of Christmas cheer in the form of the Feast of Winter Veil seasonal event. Like every seasonal event, players can complete various quests to receive a range of cosmetic items, but can also take on a unique boss, the The Abominable Greench. And of course, players can open presents under a Christmas tree in their faction's capital on Christmas day.

In addition, from December 25 to January 2, players can open additional presents from under a Christmas tree in Orgrimmar (Horde) and Ironforge (Alliance) which contain several fun or cosmetic items.

The event is rich in festivities that culminate with the opening of the presents, on the 25th of December, under the Christmas Trees in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Participation is open to everyone, but many parts require level 110 to complete. The event itself takes place in Ironforge or Orgrimmar, but also in Alterac Mountains and all capital cities (Alliance and Horde alike). Many rewards can be earned: pets, achievements, and many vanity items. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap WOW Classic Gold, you can visit our website 5mmo.com.

The main location of the event is in Ironforge and Orgrimmar, next to the bank. This is where you will find the Christmas Trees and most of the relevant NPCs (Great-Father Winter and the Smokywood Pastures vendors), although this is not where you will spend most of your time (as the event requires you to travel quite a bit). To complete the event, you will need to travel to many different locations, such as Alterac Mountains (where you will probably spend most of your time since the daily quest takes place there), your capital cities, the enemy capital cities, etc.

So when you’re running your super fast easy honor Alterac Valley games, throw some snowballs at people. Go save Metzen. Do The Reason for The Season and end up reading about why we even have a Feast of Winter Veil and bring a book to Magni Bronzebeard or Cairne Bloodhoof. Then maybe hug Cairne and tell him how much you miss him in the retail version of WoW, because him being dead is the one thing I hate about the post-Cataclysm world and it was the beginning of the end for my Tauren. Just wasn’t the Horde anymore without Cairne. So yeah, go hug the big guy. Tell him Happy Feast of Winter Veil from me.
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