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World of Warcraft Classic Brazilian Server Opens Today

Blizzard, through an official forum post, explained what the move to the new Brazilian World of Warcraft Classic server will be like. The name of the new server will be Sul'thraze and will be dedicated to open PVP.

Transfers for those who want to relocate are scheduled to start at 3 pm today, September 19. Only those on PVP servers can request the change. There will be a 24-hour block to create new characters so that transferred players will keep their names. Finally, the free downloads window will be open for 11 days.

Since last week, Blizzard had warned of opening Latin servers for World of Warcraft Classic. But it was only this week that the news came from a Brazilian server, generating a series of discussions in the community. The opening of Sul'thraze ended up happening faster than expected.

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