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V4 takes place in Syllunas

WOW Classic Gold Standing for “Victory For,” V4 is a mobile MMORPG made using Unreal Engine 4. It boasts high-end graphics a vast virtual combat field and character customizing features.

V4 takes place in Syllunas a once paradisal land that is now being threatened by demonic forces as the Alliance fights to defend it from Guardian and the once-mighty Scoria Knights. V4 is also cross-platform according to the accompanying press release. The game is also set to feature customization for weapons armor in addition to a player-driven marketplace.

  • Groundbreaking Visuals – V4's stunning open world boasts groundbreaking high-end graphics implemented through Unreal Engine 4.
  • Unprecedented Cross-Play – Players can utilize the six character-class structure to team up or go head to head with challengers around the world across both mobile and PC platforms.
  • Never-Ending Fun – V4's winning gameplay includes limitless progression teamwork and cooperation in the inter-server region. and cooperative competition between guilds are a regular occurrence.
  • Epic Teams – Players can enlist in teams for both party play and co-play between guilds from other servers for massive amounts of cooperative competition.
  • Boss Battles – More than one hundred players at a time can experience epic field boss battles World of Warcraft Classic Gold all in one location. Rare and ancient relics are awarded to the victors.

Enduins also notes that the game offers five different camera modes to match your preference a trading system and PvP server battles. In terms of recommended devices you're looking at a Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 7. The game will obviously have scalable graphical options but a big part of the appeal with these games is their presentation so you'll want it to look as good as it possibly can.

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