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TOP 5 Players Watching At The 2017 Madden NFL Challenge

The 2017 Madden Challenge is the third of four Majors in the Madden NFL 17 Championship Series. Online qualification is live until February 27 in both Draft Champions Ranked and Salary Cap Ranked. This event utilizes Draft Champions and is the last chance for players to earn Series Points, which is the only way into the final major, the Madden Championship. The qualifying rounds will be full of known and unknown competitors, and many Cinderellas might begin to emerge. But as we head into the crucial Madden Challenge, there are a few established players that you should keep an eye on, to get an early read on a few potential front-runners.

Derek “DJones” Jones

After an impressive run in the Madden Classic, DJones was unfortunately unable to qualify for the Live Finals of the Madden Bowl. He was eliminated in group stage, which has many questioning his ability to win in a mode outside of Draft Champions. But when the chips are down, DJones tends to pull out all the stops. He’ll be competing in Draft Champions mode here, giving his competitors a taste of what he’s known for. One more great showing would lock this polarizing contender into the series points Madden Mobile 17 Coins he needs to make the final event, the Madden Championship, and be a statement for any doubters.

Zack “Serious Moe” Lane

Serious Moe made clutch plays during his run to the Madden Bowl finals, showing he maintains his skills after a disappointing showing in the Madden Classic. However, once Serious Moe made it to Houston, he ran into Eric “Problem” Wright’s defense and came up short. But as a competitor not accustomed to losing, expect a stellar performance Mut 17 Coins from Serious More in this event. Motivation won’t be hard to come by as he looks for another Madden Challenge victory.

Eric “Problem” Wright

Problem is known to many as the greatest Madden NFL player of all-time, but after the recent Madden Bowl Finals upset, can he keep his status? He used an excellent ground game and tremendous defense to nearly take home a 5th championship, but spectators were shocked by a late-game interception, swinging the final game in his opponent's favor. He’s the only player to make it out of every group stage, giving him a huge advantage, but many competitors would love to take down Problem, which means they’ll bring their A games every single time.

Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Robertson

SpotMePlzzz raised the first championship belt of the season at the Madden Classic with an undefeated run. However, at the Madden Bowl Live Finals in Orlando, he was unable to win a game and was sent packing. While he still has good positioning in the series points, he needs to show that the competition hasn’t caught up to him. He’s already won a Draft Champions event, and after that tough performance, we’re confident he still has commitment and determination needed.

Lavar “Hollywood” Gayle

During the Madden Bowl Live Finals in Orlando, Hollywood looked unstoppable. He dominated Eric “Problem” Wright in his first matchup and showed why many selected him as one of the top favorites. But after making some bold lineup changes for the quarterfinal round, Hollywood was stopped by eventual winner Chris “DubDot” McFarland, who seemed well-prepared to oppose his offense. Hollywood is one of the youngest players in the Madden Championship Series, but now finds himself having to prove his best years are still ahead of him.
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