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Time Shot Operation of FIFA 19 Tutorial and How to How to Press Nitrogen Acceleration

The timing shot in FIFA 19 is suitable for all kinds of shots: header, volley, slap, and even barb. The higher the difficulty of shooting, the easier it is to make mistakes. Many players don't know how to do it. Today, we will give you the FIFA 19 opportunity to shoot Gameor Nothing. When shooting, first touch the launching door, press the shooting button accumulation, you need to hold it down, then according to the player's shooting action, click the shooting button again to complete the shooting.
When you press the first down shot button touch the launch door, you need to pay attention to the power slot. This action is to accumulate power press and hold, just like the previous normal shot. The front of the restricted area is generally 2.5-3 grids of strength press and hold for about 1-1.5 seconds, not just a tap is very important to press the 2nd shot button to complete the shot. The best time: When the player finishes the leg and the foot is about to touch the ball, tap the shot.

The FIFA 19 Opportunity

The timing of the header in the penalty area is also the same. The first shot is first pressed and held for about 1 second, then when the ball flies to the top of the head, the second shot is pressed to complete the header. The best place to use the timing shot is still outside the penalty area. The scoring rate is very good. It is recommended in the restricted area: L1/LB+R1/RB+ shot, vigorously low shot and far corner. During the practice, it is recommended to open the prompts of the opportunity to shoot, you can see the results of each time the shot, is early, late, or perfect, have tips.
In the controller settings, the FIFA coach selects Display and the timing shoots On. After entering the game, press the pause button to enter the menu and select Coach. Select Display for the status, Action and Mechanism for the mode, On for the timely shot display at the bottom, and the top 2 are closed.
Specific Method of Operation
Press and hold the accelerator: R2/RT. Hold down L1/LB + fake shot shooting / long pass + short pass. This action is the new action in FIFA 19: fake shot ball, because there is a forward movement, the fake shot can break forward at the same time, the effect is also good. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive details relating to Cheap FUT 19 Coins assure visit the web page. Push the left stick at the same time to the direction you want to move forward. When the action of the fake shot ball is completed, the accelerator button and the direction button are still held down, and the player can keep moving at a high speed. Key point: Do not release the accelerator key during the entire process.
In the UT mode of FIFA 19, the match between players needs to consider the tacit understanding, that is, the chemical reaction Chemistry. The chemical reaction is high, and the player's ability value will be improved. Select any of your starting 11 players and press the correct joystick to open their resume. From here, you can navigate to the Attributes tab and view the exact changes that will be applied to the player in the game based on the current team and individual's chemical rating of the applied style.
You can also see the unmodified basic player properties on this screen. The properties are displayed next to the unmodified properties a+ which shows how the chemistry changes the player's properties.
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