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The Strategic Multiplayer Action Game World of Tanks Blitz

Thaine Lyman, General Manager at Wargaming Mobile added some thoughts regarding why the team thought Pico was the perfect fit: "Aaron is a young, driven competitor who blends his skill and smarts to win. He truly is unbreakable, and perfectly fits the World of Tanks Blitz player profile. We immediately became fans of his style, his spirit, and how he carries himself in the cage. When we then heard him speak about how he approaches his craft, we knew that he was the perfect fit for our game.
After you've earned the Scavenger or any other Tier V tank, the bizarre world of the Mad Games will open up. This special mode will endow tanks with special abilities, such as the Saboteur System to better hide from enemies, and the Accelerator, which gives your tank a short burst of speed. Customize the Scavenger so that it fits your gameplay style. There are two different guns at your disposal: an accurate and fast-firing Scourge or slow but lethal Shell-thrower. As for Pound, the concept artist has an impressive porfolio spanning some of the most influential genre films of all time. He worked as storyboard artist for director Alex Proyas'sci-fi cult-classic Dark City, starring Rufus Sewell, Keifer Sutherland, and Jennifer Connolly. Interestingly, his first industry work was as a storyboard artist for 1994 classic The Crow, also directed by Proyas and based on James O'Barr's indie comic, which would go on to inspire several sequels and a television series.
Alongside the new tanks, Mad Games will also feature a post-apocalyptic mode, where sandstorms have destroyed the landscapes of World of Tanks Blitz. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to WoT Blitz Gold kindly pay a visit to the web site. Tankers will be also able to utilise special and powerful abilities like invisibility, shields and armour restoration. All this comes with several new customisation items, and the return of the previous year's Halloween tanks, like the 2015's Tankenstein and 2016's Dracula and Helsing.
Claim victory during battles to earn Biogas drained from enemy tanks and open bonus containers to lay hands on Cookies. Both of these post-apocalyptic currencies can be bartered in exchange for the Gravedigger. To be assigned the task that rewards you with the Gravedigger, enter the game between October 17-25, 2018. Mad Max: Fury Road is probably Pound's most recognizable and lauded recent project, which prompted the World of Tanks Blitz team to tap the artist for some exclusive designs during their limited-time, Mad-Max-inspired Halloween event, Mad Games. These two new exclusive tanks the Scavenger and the Gravedigger were created by Pound and unlockable in-game for a limited time this month, joining previous Halloween tanks like the Tankenstain, Dracula, and Helsing.
In the Mad Games limited-time mode, all tanks Tier V and higher feature a special set of abilities. For example, the Gravedigger can turn invisible, while other tanks have equally dangerous abilities. One such ability, the Armor Regenerator, enables you to repair your tank or allies'vehicles in battle while the Uranium Shield decreases damage to your tank twice. There are many other powerful abilities to be found, so try as many tanks as you can to find an ability that best suits your playstyle.
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