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The endgame Naxxramas raid is now live in WoW Classic

WOW Classic Gold Whether your Horde or Alliance rejoice! The Naxxramas raid is now live on WoW Classic alongside the Shadow of the Necropolis update.

The endgame Naxxramas raid is now live in World of Warcraft Classic. Set in a giant necropolis floating above the Plaguelands of Azeroth the dungeon is designed for up to 40 players and takes place over four wings stuffed with mid-bosses before a central lair with the final challenges.

WOW Classic

As we know WoW: Classic uses the Drums of War patch as the framework of WoW: Classic allowing years of innovations to shine through on day one of the re-release. In other words Classic is nearly "complete" following the launch of Naxxramas. What's next? Well I hope we get Burning Crusade. Maybe Blizzard is working on it right now and will pull the switch when the Classic playerbase starts dwindling. Once that announcement hits (at February's BlizzCon Online? Or November 2021's potential BlizzCon?) people will start flocking back in en masse.

Sticking to the original release schedule of raids and updates for WoW Classic Blizzard has launched the last vanilla game’s raid Naxxramas. The release of this portion of content marks the final chapter in supporting the base game since originally the next addition would have been the first major expansion The Burning Crusade. Obviously World of Warcraft Classic Gold the add-on won’t be released for WoW Classic as it was outlined before which means that the vanilla game will remain intact after Naxxramas’ release. Still there’s a lot to do for returning adventurers. Kel’Thuzad’s citadel hosts a variety of bosses with distinctive features and they have to be defeated before players can take on the Lich King’s most powerful vassal himself.

In all the guild was able to complete the instance with only 31 deaths and no boss wipes giving them a huge advantage by having the cleanest run of any guild.

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