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The Division 2 Endgame Content Has Been Teased

The name "Survivalist" calls to mind folks who are no further than 10 feet from a bugout bag at all times, and The Division 2's Survivalists may have those too, but mechanically speaking they're the crowd control masters. They can set traps to damage enemies or impair them with status effects, and they get to exclusively wield the crossbow weapon. I don't know if it has to fire explosive bolts or if there are other options, but if it can explode why not? Another way the rules will change are the world tiers. This is not a new feature as it exists in the original The Division, but it wasn't confirmed before whether the system would make a comeback in the sequel. It essentially prolongs endgame's life by letting players gear up and fight progressively stronger enemies, to ease the power spike.
And for those missing fearing that The Division 2 may be totally alien to fans of the first game, he mentions that certain parts of Washington DC will feel familiar. "You have big open areas, you still have residential developmental areas that are close to Manhattan', except for the height those areas will feel familiar," he says. "Then you have the government areas with massive buildings. Each of those areas have different layouts, but the thing that is most interesting, and brings the most to the game, are the huge open areas."
Ubisoft added that, beginning with the March open beta, The Division 2 fans will have the opportunity to have a first hands-on with endgame content with one "Invaded" mission. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Credits, you could call us at our own webpage. Players will experience gameplay at the level cap of thirty and unlock brand new "Survivalist," "Sharpshooter," or "Demolitionist" specializations. There are a few terms and stipulations to be aware of. The free game offer only applies to pre-orders made through a digital storefront like the Uplay Store or Epic Store. If you pre-ordered from a physical location like GameStop or Best Buy then you're out of luck. Same goes if you pre-order a non-PC and/or physical disc version of the game. Also, if you purchase The Division 2 through some sort of bundle deal, you're ineligible for the free game.

The Demolitionist specialization is self-explanatory: they blow stuff up with grace, efficiency, and professionalism. Their Grenade Launcher which kicks out explosive rounds a whole lot faster than a crossbow gives them the ultimate tool for disrupting enemy positions and emplacements. Not to mention they make that satisfying "thunk" sound when they discharge.
A new stronghold will open up with the endgame. Ubisoft didn't specify which enemy faction will control it, but it is presumably Black Tusk. They are, after all, there specifically for endgame purposes. It remains to be seen whether they will have a proper backstory or if they will remain unexplained throughout the game like the Hunters in The Division. El-Zibaoui believes the advantages to having wider, open play spaces ensures greater tactical agency on behalf of players as well as an expanded and diverse set of Dark Zones.
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