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The combat in The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is unique compared to other mobile games

The anime The Seven Deadly Sins, has seen some praise globally for its fun cast of characters and action-focused battle scenes. As you could imagine, the series is no stranger to the video game market, but the medium has been rather dull with the console release of The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia not really making a dent.

The style of game is a hero collector, which you summon new heroes who have different rankings and use them in your party during combat. The heroes each have a color associated with them and it works like a rock, paper, scissors system, think Fire Emblem for example. You can have three heroes selected plus a fourth passive hero who adds some boosts to your team. Combat is turn-based using a skills system that I found pretty unique. Basically you select three skills to use per turn however you can level the skills up before using them.

It uses the mechanic of pulling characters from a random number generator with varying difficulties. This is a very common and frustrating tool used by similar mobile games, but Grand Cross does include a very nice feature. Every time you do an 11x pull, if you do not draw an SS character (a very high rarity), then a gauge fills up by 10% and once it is full, you’re guaranteed an SS character.

And the visual clarity is present in battles, where all of the attack animations look great, for all of the included 62 gacha characters you can collect. Special attacks look marvellous, and they keep looking better as you combine and enhance attacks in battle. It follows a card-based battle system, where you draw moves and can execute one card - or move cards in your hand - for each character of yours on the field. Moving cards of the same type together makes them combine, and deal out much bigger damage.

The combat in Grand Cross is unique compared to other mobile games. Here, players use a card system, where you collect characters, each with their own set of abilities, which are also represented as cards. Teams for battles can have up to 3 different characters, with a 4th character slot available mid-battle in case you lose someone in a fight.

Another mechanic that I actually greatly enjoy in this game is that you can take an action (you only get a certain number per turn) to move cards in your hand. This lets you put duplicate cards together so that they level up. Cards start as bronze, but can level up to silver and then to gold. You just need two identical cards of the same level next to each other and then they’ll level up and become stronger. This means you have to strategize when to move a card to level up, hold onto a card and wait to level up, or simply go on the attack.

Finally, I’d like to say, yes, this is free-to-play with all the caveats that brings. Overall, as far as I could tell it seemed fair. There was a stamina system and you could pay to summon better heroes but I never hit a major paywall or anything in my time on the game so I have very little more to say about that.

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