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Strictly graphics-wise, Karos Online is quite a masterpiece

Karos Online is 3D, fantasy MMORPG published by NHN. The game is set in the vast, open world of Asmara.As buildings in the distance are massive and clearly visible, the tree leaves are blown by the wind and the water graphics are gorgeous. Strictly ‘graphics-wise’, Karos Online is quite a masterpiece. The game’s graphics vaguely resemble the visuals in games like Lineage 2 and Perfect World, except a tad crisper. Karos Online has a lot more to offer than just visuals though.

The world of Karos Online is stunning, to say the least. And not just graphic wise – the design is also breath taking and makes up for a unique experience in Asmara. Karos offers three playable races in total – Humans, Seroines and Shadows. The race of the humans doesn’t need any introductions. The second race, the seroines, is just a renamed version of the classical light elfs – pointy ears, unique hair color, love for nature.. As for the shadows – they are the game’s equivalent to dark elfs. But while this whole thing sounds promising, the character creation is a bit of a let down. Your options for customization are very limited and so is your choice for race/class/gender. Bladers and Rogues are male only classes while Mystic, Bowmistress, Paladin and Sorceress are female exclusives. That’s it, you can’t have a female Blader or a male Mystic.

After the Perna War on the Broccion Continent of the planet Asmara, the warring forces found themselves in a stalemate. They were all questing for Fletta and Fletta gems, the remaining shards of Cafenrilan power. For 500 years, the forces battled in small and large groups across the continent, all with the intent to solidify their base of power. Hass, the Emperor, persistently pursued the scattered energy of Fletta throughout the continent to break Malyx the Unstoppable, the heir to the throne of Darkness, from the seal which bound him.There was Kera behind Hass, the fiancée of Malyx and the queen of Darkness, who secretly wanted to dominate the world with an iron fist.

The forces of darkness became more powerful and more powerful. However, if the resurrection did not happen Maleks to 666 year, then it will turn to ashes. In the case of his resurrection, the light will be lost heir to the throne — Ret.

To counter the forces of darkness, by combining the armies was formed Federation Kafernel, so named in honor of the god of light. But despite all efforts, the war continued …

The core gameplay and combat mechanics in Karos Online don’t deviate much from the generic MMORPG formula found in games like Shaiya and Last Chaos. The only aspect of the game’s combat that deviates from most games is the pacing; combat feels a tad slow-paced in Karos Online. On the positive side, the progression system in Karos Online is quite unique and interesting.

Even with all its flaws and bugs, Karos Online is a great hardcore MMORPG. Fans of PvP-oriented grindfests like Lineage 2 should consider downloading the game, though casual players may find it being way too masochistic.The balance could use a bit of tweaking, controls need fixing, duels should be implemented, but thankfully none of the problems of the game are big enough to turn away anyone determined to join Asmara.

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