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Short Ride, the bloodiest bike ride, or not

Short Ride Coins It’s a question we find ourselves pondering as we approach Short Ride which comes to us from prolific studio Gametornado. You’ve probably played a few of Gametornado’s previous works especially if you’re an avid mobile gamer: this is the company that developed the Rex games (Rio Rex Mexico Rex et cetera) as well as Truck Mania and Rescuenator. If that’s enough to sell you you can now visit Poki and play Short Ride game there and we recommend you do so before you read on.

Available now in the Land of Games this new title will challenge the user to advance on a bike of the most basic in a terrain full of obstacles: slopes rockers killer blades mills with spikes that will cut your throat a giant ball that chases us to Indiana Jones ...

short ride

And when like you you have some difficulty moving the pretty meadows turn into a bloodbath quite quickly it is so complicated to arrive whole: your character is barely able to hold on his bike and that's only thanks to your pedaling and the cost of many stunts that you will be able to avoid the giant razor blades that will get in your way.

There’s a certain joy in managing to overcome a stage in Short Ride Short Ride Money and an even bigger thrill to be had the first time you beat a stage without dying once. Mastery of Short Ride’s mechanics feels great not least because this doesn’t feel like a game that’s making it easy for you to win. The controls are simple – up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake while left and right control the tilt of your bike – but the game doesn’t pull its punches instead using its geometry to make simple obstacles into potential life-and-death situations.

‘Short Ride’ is a new development from the Gametornado studio responsible for some 30 most addictive titles.

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