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Shakes and Fidget has features hand-drawn graphics and menu-based gameplay

Among the range of games available for free on the internet, some have managed to develop and spread to many platforms. This is the case with Shakes & Fidget which, past the web box, is also available on Steam and also on the mobile platform! With over 50 million players, Playa Games' satirical fantasy RPG has arrived in a so-called remastered version.

Complete exciting quests, fight against other players in the arena, clear dungeons of nasty monsters - the world of Shakes & Fidget is exciting. What could be better than returning to the safety of your familiar home after a long day? With the new fortress, all players from character level 25 can make this dream come true.

As soon as the players have taken possession of the heart, they can explore the mysterious catacombs of the fortress and build their own underground realm in the style of "Dungeon Keeper". The new resource is just as gloomy as the scenario: The souls of fallen heroes. And not just any heroes, but those of real players. Shrewd gamers therefore lure other players into their dark realm - where an army of goblins and trolls welcomes them with open arms and sharpened axes.

Point-and-click adventure games were popular in the ’90s with hits like the Monkey Island and King’s Quest series. But the genre has seen a resurgence on PC with games like Thimbleweed Park and Deponia.

It is indeed possible in Shakes & Fidget to create your own fortress and by extension your own domain. With an expensive cost at the beginning of the adventure (100 gold pieces), this investment will allow you to unlock many buildings afterwards: barracks, mages' tower, forge… From then on, the game of Playa Games is revealed again. and opens to a title management section. New resources are also put to use, such as wood or stone. It's up to you to choose where to spend your loot in order to progress as you wish. Dr. Abawuwu also offers you to play roulette every day to unlock a little loot, which is always fun. With all this, will you manage to rise to the highest rank in the pantheon?

In addition, soldiers, magicians and archers can be trained to ensure the security of your own fortress. Of course, they can also be used to attack other players and thus increase your own resources. So it's always worth having a few soldiers on call.

With the collected souls, ten different shapes, machines and places can be visited, built and expanded. Each stage of development provides important resources and skills with which the players can improve their characters. The new time machine, for example, converts unused thirst for adventure into experience points. Regular training with the gladiator increases the critical damage and players can increase their wealth in the underground gold mine.

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