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Rogue Company is still a distinct flare in their visual design

If browsing digital storefronts for a new game this week, chances are you’ve come across Rogue Company. Having just entered early access on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), this is the latest multiplayer experience from Hi-Rez Studios, the company behind SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale.

Looking at a game like Rogue Company is a great reminder of how much 4K really does add to the gaming experience. Here is a shooter that certainly had a style at launch, but it wasn't making a big splash. The graphics were run of the mill, which made the game feel more monotonous than expected in longer sessions. Those problems are gone on Series X, letting the gameplay shine through and engage the player as it was always meant to. If this is what can happen to a run of the mill game on Xbox One, here's hoping that a lot more publishers are on board for Xbox Series X upgrades in the very near future.

The individual hero characters all have unique abilities, though they're not all equally useful. Some feel as if they're only good as a counter-pick, such as the hacker Glitch, while another hero allows you to revive teammates from a distance, which is useful in every game mode. Others have simple firepower upgrades or movement buffs, but the minutiae of enemy abilities aren't going to be a massive concern here like it might be in Overwatch or Valorant. It's essential you master the abilities of the hero you play, but not necessarily essential to know the abilities of enemies.

While some of the maps are probably still too small, others can use that close-quarters feel to impart map knowledge that players of other games spend tens of hours mastering. Most arenas only have two or three hotspots of activity, and players learn them quick enough to let them flank and perform surprise attacks like instant pros. Once combat starts, the machine guns feel pretty spray and pray, and the shotguns often feel outclassed, but they serve their purpose. The real satisfaction comes from the side items and activities. Many of the Rogues can close out entire rounds with one well-placed explosive, and there's nothing more satisfying in the game than pulling that off at a clutch moment.

As for the Rogues themselves, there’s a surprisingly broad roster at this point in the game’s life cycle. Although not as striking as the Overwatch cast, there’s still a distinct flare in their visual design, echoing their chosen loadout and gadgets. For instance, the brutish Anvil can lay down a defensive barricade to zone off control points, whereas sniper Phantom can ping enemy locations using her smoke grenade. Needless to say, Rogue Company offers plenty of tactical depth and it will be interesting to see which heroes rise to prominence as the game meta shifts over time.

The only thing holding Rogue Company back is the lack of a real hook. For all the improvements Rogue Company has made, it's still simply outclassed by loads of other shooters on the market. The matches are bite-sized, to the point where they feel more appropriate for mobile devices than a game console. Between matches, there's nothing extracurricular to pick up the slack for gameplay that is now fun, but not fantastic. There's no battle pass, no string of cosmetic nothings to unlock every level, not even a post-game screen that explains all the fancy medals awarded during a match. All that's here is matchmaking into another minutes-long match filled with competent gunplay. No amount of buzzer-beater moments are going to keep the masses distracted in a market full of free to play games that just offer more to do.

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