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One of the biggest appeals of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the customizability of the island community

One of the biggest appeals of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the customizability of the island community, from making Xbox brand shirt designs to changing the layout of the houses. Once players unlock terraforming, people can move houses wherever they want.

But just like in real life, moving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons costs money, and at 50,000 Bells for each move, players need to be sure they've found the perfect place for each house before moving. Thankfully, some players have figured out a simple, cost effective trick for perfect house placement, and this one isn't fake like that "rare island trick."

Reddit user _Greyling_ demonstrated her Animal Crossing: New Horizons trick in a video. Instead of first placing the houses and then building the town around them, she uses the terraforming tool to plan out where the houses go before anyone's even moved in. As she explains in the video, she uses a grid system to plan out the town, with path squares as markers. With this, she can have each building going exactly where she wants it, with "each villager's yard or patio in place before they even move in."

Players will have to unlock the Island Designer app first, which they receive after getting a three-star rating and having K.K. Slider visit their island. Once unlocked, players can use the apps path placing tool to measure out a 5x5 grid to mark out where villagers' homes will go. This way, players can build their town around the grids, instead of placing them in temporary spots and paying 50,000 Bells to move them somewhere else. If you want to know where to buy ACNH Bells, z2u.com will be your best choice.

While having patches of dirt and grass all over the place may not look very appealing, it's much better than having to pay 50,000 Bells to move every home. That money could go be better used elsewhere, like buying furniture or finally paying off that loan shark Tom Nook. This trick is great for people who want to design their island layout completely before all 10 villagers move in. Then players can just kick back and download some Studio Ghibli-inspired outfit codes as they wait for the villagers to move in.

Once players have their town set up just how they like it and the Able Sisters tailor shop is up and running, there's a chance Mable and Sable's sister Label will show up. Label is an upcoming fashion designer who gives players special fashion challenges in exchange for clothes. As of version 1.1.4, Label won't permanently stay on the island, meaning players will have to complete her challenges quickly before she leaves. Players who are stuck on one of her challenges will want to read our guide on completing Label's fashion challenges.
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