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NFL news summary: 49 coach began to recruiting

 Miami Dolphins announced in the United States time Saturday with the All-Star defense leader Cameron - Vick contract. The 2017 season is the last year of Cameron-Vic and today the Miami Dolphins has sent a large two-year contract for Cameron-Vick which is worth up to $ 19 million of which Including $ 11 million in margin. If Cameron - Vick played more than 55% in the next two years he could get all $ 18 million. Of course this option is considered for dolphins from Cameron-Vick's age.

Cameron-Vick is 35 years old. Last year Vick did not show a higher level of injury in 2015 but this week Vick performed well and he sent out a total of 11.5 races successfully selected for the professional bowl list and To 11.5 times the siege leader dolphins team.

Earlier this week the Miami Dolphins cut off two red riders: veteran Mario Williams and defensive trumpet Earl Mitchell. But the dolphins who have the great wicked people are not going to panic and Vick's renewals continue to add more advantages to their defensive front.

San Francisco 49 new people need to be familiar with the operation of the NFL business field 49 new coach need to take a good time in the offseason to help the team.

Former Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle - Shahanham for 49 people manager John - Lynch issued his own views.

"We watched a lot of videos together and we did a lot of things and we did a lot of things together," said Shahanham "John Lynch attaches importance to the draft and he and his private team are studying the right draft Direction and I did not study the other coaches we are now concerned about our own players while the focus on the free agent market and then when the draft officially began we will be concerned about.

Kyle - Sha'ahanham became a falcon attack coordinator lost the Super Bowl after the formal entry of San Francisco 49 coach positions he also brought the former Seattle Seahawks coach Robert - Salah as 49 new defense Coordinator.

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