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NFL 17 Quinn on Super Bowl: I'm past it, but I'm not over it

 INDIANAPOLIS -- Falcons coach Dan Quinn is taking a relentlessly positive approach to the 2017 offseason after arguably the most heartbreaking loss in NFL history.

Unprompted Quinn acknowledged that reporters would probably ask him about the 35-28 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. He had a response ready.

"One of the questions you may ask: 'Have you watched the game?'" Quinn said. "Yes. I have. A lot. And you have to own that. The calls the things you can do differently. That's not unlike most Sunday nights for me where you wrestle with all three phases -- could there be something different and as the head coach those are moments you do have to own. What I can tell you and share from this experience is the connection to this team and this brotherhood these guys have it is so real and so strong.

"I love these guys and I'm pumped to be a part of it. When people ask me if I've watched it I say yes. I'm past it but I'm not over it. I don't think I'll ever be and that's a good thing."

This was clearly a planned press conference for Quinn who wanted to make a show of his optimism. His attitude was reminiscent of a younger Pete Carroll mixed with some of Quinn's trademark boxing analogies.

What was impressive on Wednesday was seeing current Falcons head coach Dan Quinn general manager Thomas Dimitroff and Shanahan all come out and show how non-bitter they were. We wrote about Quinn's performance earlier in the day and Shanahan while in a different set of circumstances also handled questions about the game quite well.

INDIANAPOLIS -- New 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan watched the second half of Atlanta's Super Bowl loss the day after.

"Mainly with the second half to watch through it so I could ... when you see things live you want to make sure watching the tape you confirm what you saw," he told reporters here at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday. "It went pretty much how I thought. I haven't gotten back to the first half yet. Other things have been more important right now.

"But no the Super Bowl was a great experience. I know it didn't work out the way we wanted. Every time it ends that way you're going to second guess everything that you did. I'm proud of what we did why we did the things we did. One thing I learned from it is I hope that opportunity comes again because it's a fun thing to be a part of. It makes you realize how special it is to get a win there."

Hopefully for the final time Shanahan was asked if he regretted not running the football more in the second half.

"Yeah I second guess just like all you guys do. Any time a play doesn't work you say 'Damn I wish I called one that works,'" he said. "But the reasons for calling those and why we did that and what we were thinking I don't second guess that at all."

Sometimes we fall for a good acting job but there might be something to the culture Atlanta facilitated under those coaches and executives that lends itself to getting over the heartbreaking loss faster. Shanahan has far bigger things to worry about now anyway but did not seem shaken by the prodding into his Super Bowl decision-making.

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