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NFL 17 Heading To EA Access, More Games Are On Origin Access

EA’s Access programs for both Xbox One and PC offer some tremendous value, as gamers can get access to a number of titles for a low monthly fee. And now, more games are being added to the fray.

Electronic Arts confirmed this week that Madden NFL 17, its latest game of traditional football, would be making its way to EA Access on Xbox One starting next week. The game will arrive on February 24th, and players can access the game by heading over the EA Vault and downloading to their heart’s content.

On top of that, the company added a trio of titles to its Origin Access service for PC, all of which are playable for free to subscribers. This includes the heavy action game Furi, where you engage in a number of challenging boss battles; the stealth game Aragami, where you sneak through a number of levels with special abilities; and The Saboteur, a classic title from Pandemic Studios, where you attempt to single-handedly change the tide of a world war taking on a number of missions.

It is possible to follow us to build a belongs to your Super Bowl team, in the event that you wish to go through Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl game that is fantastic, or have the championship feelings. To attain the pinnacle of success in the virtual football universe, one must build a team with extremely great players and a bit of video game smarts.

1. You Need The Quarterback

Just like these teams want Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, you are in need of a signal caller. A great one. And in case you are lucky enough to develop quarterbacks like these two, you're practically guaranteed to take competition right away.

2. Get The Playmaker

Ryan has a 98 complete wide receiver. In actual life, Jones' rating is most likely a 298 because the matters Jones does shouldn't be legal.

Nevertheless sometimes the receiver basically the only playmaker. In the case of the Patriots, Rob Gronkowski will things a receiver can do -- only she has much bigger and probably scares every breathing spirit covering him over the middle.

3. Have Good Depth

This really is a perfect segue to the Patriots and how they got it done on Sunday. You'll need some solid depth at the rear of your stars (James Light! ), and both groups have that.

4. Stick To A Plan On Defense

This plan of action has no substance if you're building like the Patriots because I'm sure New England doesn't even have a clue them half the time with its defensive personnel.

And need to discuss Keanu Neal, the first-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He's an 83 overall with 87 speed, 78 pursuit and 87 zone coverage.

The Falcons' approach is to generate defense through the condensation, and that is apparently working. That also goes to show that might not be the worst course if you're trying to build a contender from the ground up. If you're great draft pick from snagging a Beasley or Neal in the early-to-mid first round. If that is your plan, stick to it and don't deter from it.

We’ll keep you informed of any new additions to the Access services as they become available. For now, though, enjoy the games!You can read more Madden 17 News on our news page
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