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My Talking Angela starts rolling out on app stores

In October 2014, Outfit7 Limited celebrated over two billion downloads across its suite of Talking Tom and Friends apps, and the company hopes to expand upon that number with the release of the latest app in the franchise: My Talking Angela. The app is No. 15 in the Talking Tom and Friends series, and adds additional interactivity to the lovable feline Angela character (who has over two million fans on Facebook).

In My Talking Angela, players feed and care for Angela through nine stages of growth, including baby, toddler, tween and adult. Players unlock new interactions and activities as they go along, and can dress Angela in the latest fashions, decorate the rooms in her home with new furniture, play games with her, and more.

Talking Angela has commanded a thriving presence in the digital space, complete with a loyal social following across Facebook (3.2 million likes), Instagram and Twitter and on other social media channels. In addition the character has a robust YouTube channel, with over 600,000 subscribers and over 100 million views of content dedicated to all things paw-marked Angela. If you want to know where to buy My Talking Angela Coins, z2u.com will be your best choice.

My Talking Angela has ingenious learning capabilities; it has the ability to reinforce and teach the importance of caring for others. Users are responsible for baby Angela when they adopt her as a kitten and it is up to them to make sure she progresses through the nine amazing stages, including baby, toddler, tween, and adult. Angela also has life-like emotions and will respond and react to the user according to how they treat her; she needs feeding, bathing, and regular teeth brushing to remain happy and healthy.

Not only do the mini-games enable users to earn coins and make Angela a happy kitty, but some of them have benefits beyond the positive consequences of joyful play. Mini-games such as "Tiny Puzzles", for example, are fantastic tools for developing and strengthening cognitive skills like spatial reasoning. And those skills can benefit you whether you are a pre-schooler or a grandparent!
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