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MapleStory 2 Copy Mechanism Optimization and What are the Changes

After this update, the number of rewards for the Adventures Teambook is adjusted to: Number of shares. That is, all adventure copies and all team copies share daily and weekly rewards, with a daily limit of 10 and a weekly limit of 30. It can be seen that this change optimizes the copy experience, allowing the player to get a better copy of the Raiders.
Red Flame Bomb
Throw a red bomb about 3 meters to the front, and a large area of flame range will be created after landing. The player monster in the circle will suffer continuous damage of 50 points per second. After the red bomb landed, the flame circle lasted for a long time, which is a very good self-defense and sneak attack props. It is recommended to take this kind of bomb in the wild, and use it as a starting prop. Especially when entering the building, the entrance door will put a flame at the door. Other players will hesitate to enter the building, even if they enter, they will lose blood.

Red Flame Bomb


The Use of Trolley
Throw a wheelbarrow forward, knocking back enemies in the path and dealing 150 damage. If you liked this post and you would like to get even more information concerning MapleStory 2 Mesos kindly check out the web site. The single injury of the trolley is the highest among all kinds of throwing props, but because it is a directional throw, it is easy to get rid of people, and it has a repelling effect, which is not conducive to chasing blood. If you are confident in your own operation, the trolley is also a good choice; if the operation is not good, it is recommended to use the red bomb.
Throw a thorn ball about 3 meters to the front, and a large area of thorns will appear after landing. The first hit by the thorns will have a short-flying state, and the player/monster hit will slow down within 2 seconds.
The thorn ball is distributed in the purple area of the map. The role of many throwing props is not prominent, just slowing down without harm. But it also has its magical effect. It is also good to chase the blood and drop a slowdown.
A green venom bucket is thrown about 3 meters to the front. After landing, a large area of venom circle is formed. The range of the circle will be decelerated all the time. After the venom range is reached, the speed of movement will resume at about 1.5S. Recommended use: The throwing object is a pure control field prop, with the pursuit of blood, after several battles, the head is better. The actual range of venom action is the range of green circles shown in the figure.
A yellow bomb was thrown about 3 meters ahead, and the hit player monster hit 30 points with a one-time damage, accompanied by a continuous debuff. The late-stage props are very easy to use. It should be noted that 1. As shown in the figure, the red template thrown is 3 meters away, but the actual magnetic field position is the position of the first target hit; 2. As long as the magnet hits the target, the thrower himself will be sucked around.
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