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Madden NFL 17 All-Pro Zack Martin 99 OVR Review and When to Buy

The All-Pro promo in Madden NFL Mobile has been around for a week. Only the defensive players have been released. Gamers are waiting for the offensive players to come out. If you are one of the them, here is the good news for you. The Madden Mobile All-Pro Offensive Players will come out on 22 February!

What's Coming?

Offensive AP players presumably hit packs Wednesday 2/22 @ 6am ET.

Offensive AP NA elite set & Zack Martin offensive master also Wednesday @ 6am. (Same collectibles used for offensive elites as defensive elites, but you DO need 12 offensive elites for Martin and 12 defensive elites for Peters... unless they change something before it drops.)

Offensive & Defensive NA elite sets will expire 3/1 @ 6am, but will be replaced by "AP elite" set, which I presume will have chance at both offense and defense elites (i.e. you lose control of which you want). AP elite set will then expire 3/6 @ 6am.

There will be AP Team Offensive AND AP Team Defensive Packs (and AP bundles) in store Wednesday. (Elevated chance at offensive elites in offensive packs or defensive elites in def packs.) Both packs currently set at 40k coins or 250 cash. No limit.

List of All-Pro Offensive Players

Zack Martin All-Pro Offense Edition OG DAL 99

David Johnson All-Pro Offense Edition HBARI 97

Odell Beckham Jr. All-Pro Offense Edition WRNYG 96

Johnny Hekker All-Pro Offense Edition PLA 95

Kelechi Osemele All-Pro Offense Edition OG OAK 95

Travis Kelce All-Pro Offense Edition TEKC 94

Mike Evans All-Pro Offense Edition WR TB 93

Tyron Smith All-Pro Offense Edition OT DAL 93

Jack Conklin All-Pro Offense Edition OT TEN 92

Antonio Brown All-Pro Offense Edition WRPIT 92

Matt Ryan All-Pro Offense Edition QB ATL 91

Alex Mack All-Pro Offense Edition CATL 91

How is All-Pro Zack Martin 99 OVR like in Madden Mobile? Check out the review below.

All-Pro Zack Martin 99 OVR Stats

90 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 98 Run Block, 93 Strength, 93 Awareness, 90 Impact Block, 90 Agility, 98 Pass Block


He's supposed to be the strongest player in the offensive group and to be on the front line to attack to protect the quarterback or the halfback. Let's first take a look at his offensive blocking ability. He has 98 Run Block which allows him to do a good job of protecting the running back in running attack and 98 Pass Block enables him to have good performance in passing attack. Excellent pass guard ability and running protection ability can make your quarterback and halfback pass and attack with ease. When in the face of some relatively weak defensive players, his 90 Impact Block and 93 Strength allow him to easily knock down the opponent defensive player!

Price Trend and When to Buy

Zack Martin's Playoffs card is now 600K Madden coins. The Playoffs card has 73 Speed, 84 Acceleration, 93 Run Block, 91 Strength, 87 Awareness, 89 Impact Block, 71 Agility, 93 Pass Block, compared to which the All-Pro Zack Martin has way better stats. Therefore, this card will be priced over 1 million coins. It's not recommended to buy right after the release of the card. You can wait until there are more All-Pro Zack Martin cards offered on the market.
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