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Madden 17 All-Pro Live Events Guide: How to Complete Community Challenge

The brand new All Pro program is now in Madden Mobile. What is AP all about? What players can we pull from the All Pro packs? Let's check out.
What is the All-Pro program?
Get in on the Community Challenge! Every All-Pro Event the community completes counts toward unlocking Community Challenge Rewards. Any user who participated before the reward was unlocked will earn it. Reach the final tier for a 1 Stamina Saturday for all user on March 4. 
Madden Mobile 17 All-Pro Live Events Guide
10am EST 2/15 to 8am EST 2/27
All-Pro Packs
1. 10+All-Pro defensive Players
2. New All-Pro Sets
a.All-Most Pro Pack=2x All-Pro Collectible
b.All-Pro Exchange Pack=All-Pro Collectible+Gold Trophy
c.Defensive All-Pro Pack=All-Pro Team Collectible QB/HB/TE/WR/OT/LB/CB/S/DT/DE
All Pro Set
3. 99 OVR All-Pro Marcus Peters
a.99 OVR All-Pro Marcus Peters=12x Elite All-Pro Player
All-Pro Marcus Peters
4. 3 All-Pro Packs
a.All-Pro Team Pack(Contains 2 Gold or Better players with an elevated chance at an Elite All-Pro player, 1 All Pro Collectible, and more! Offer ends 2/26)Price: 200 cash/30K Madden Mobile coins
b.10x All-Pro Team Bundle (Contains 10 All-Pro Team Packs and a Topper of 1 Elite All-Pro player(non-auctionable). Offer ends 2/26) Price:2000 cash
c.25x All-Pro Team Bundle (Contains 25 All-Pro Team packs and a Topper of 1 Elite All-Pro player(auctionable). Offer ends 2/26) Price: 5000 cash
3 All-Pro Packs
5. All-Pro Community Challenge
To enter the Community Challenge, you need level 4 or above account. There are 3 All-Pro Community Challenges, each costing 5 Stamina. The Challenge is different each day.
99 OVR All-Pro Marcus Peters Stats
96 Speed, 99 Acceleration, 93 Man Coverage, 92 Strength, 95 Awareness, 91 Zone Coverage, 99 Agility, 93 Tackle, 95 Play Recognition
The CB is supposed to have high speed and great agility because they need to keep up with the opponent receiver or tight end in some cases. First off, let's take a look at this speed. The 96 Speed and 99 Acceleration allow him to quickly reach the max speed. At the same time, the 99 Agility makes sure that he can quickly complete what he's required to do. With 93 Man Coverage and 91 Zone Coverage, he's more likely to defend and tackle the opponent when doing man to man coverage or Zone Coverage. Overall, he has a very fast speed and very high defense attribute. Therefore he'll be highly recommended if your team needs a CB.
Price Trend & When to Buy
Right now 99 OVR All-Pro Marcus Peters is priced over 1 million Madden coins at the auction house. You can wait a while and buy later. The All-Pro program is in full swing, so there will be more 99 OVR All-Pro Marcus Peters, which will lead to decrease in price.
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