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Lineage 2M starts service in Taiwan and Japan on March 24th

We last heard of Lineage 2M in the middle of last year. Apparently Blade & Soul Revolution began to step on its heels and NCSOFT decided to urgently release the project in two more countries of Southeast Asia. By the way, in addition to this, we learned that MMORPG Trickster M is still alive and will even be released, but only in South Korea. Lineage 2M features five races: humans, elves, dark elves, orcs, and dwarves. For some races, some classes are not available, plus they have different base stats. By the way, the game has English subtitles.

NCsoft’s mobile MMORPG (multiple access role playing game) “Lineage 2M” will start service simultaneously in Taiwan and Japan on March 24th. On the 25th, NC held an online showcase “LINEAGE2M IN ASIA” for Taiwanese and Japanese users and media.

NC (NC) directly services Lineage 2M in Taiwan and Japan. The technical details, such as the best graphics, a vast open world, and an optimal interface, are the same as the Korean version. The content will first introduce 6 weapons, more than 150 classes, and more than 20 boss raids, and will be updated sequentially. The local language was perfectly applied throughout the game, including character voices.

Kim made a deeper announcement about the details of the game. It is said that many "choices" will appear in this work. One example is the choice of weapons and classes. Six types of weapons and more than 150 classes will appear in this work. Each weapon has different skills that can be used, and each class can use only one weapon or multiple weapons. Since each weapon has different "specialized skills", you can experience the process of finding the one that suits you while trying out the weapons and classes.

The other is the choice of destination. The world of this work is one huge continent, and it is possible to walk from end to end. You can go to battle right away, or you can go on an adventure freely. What you do in this world depends on the player's choice.

Lineage II M will launch on iOS and Android on March 24, 2021 in Taiwan and Japan. The game is currently available in South Korea.

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