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League of Legends Wild Rift will start on October 27th

LoL Wild Rift RP The League of Legends: Wild Rift open beta will start in a week. Riot Games announced today that the open beta where access is free will start on October 27th.

Michael "Riot Paladin" Chow executive producer of Wild Rift at Riot revealed that the game's beta will be expanded to other regions in the coming months. The game arrives in Europe Oceania Vietnam and Taiwan in December. In Brazil and the rest of the Americas however Riot plans to launch Wild Rift in the first half of 2021.

League of Legends Wild Rift

The game publisher announces a unique experience available for free with friendly and competitive play modes and free rewards. Like its big brother Wild Rift should therefore only offer cosmetic items and other small changes that are not decisive for the outcome of the games for sale.

In addition to announcing the launch date of LoL: Wild Rift Riot Games has also announced a new patch for LoL: Wild Rift that is coming soon. League of Legends Wild Rift RP Along with seven new champions: Leesin Draven Darius and the most iconic K / DA members from Riot's Evelynn Kai'Sa Akali Seraphine they'll be ready to take down In all new patches

Wild Rift is a lighter version of PC LoL for Android and iOS devices. The size of Summoner’s Rift has been reduced so that playing time is less. Many of the champions have also been updated and optimized for mobile controls. Riot also said that Wild Rift will be released for consoles in the future. More details of this will be revealed later in 2020 according to the developers.

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