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KartRider: Drift will come out at an unknown date in 2020

The first Kartrider: Drift closed beta revealed a surprisingly player-friendly game with no cash shop in sight. This will surely make an appearance later, as any game with a free-to-play business model needs to be sustainable, but right now it was nice to browse the available customization options without stumbling upon locked drivers or karts.

There were eight karts available during the beta, most of them based on their real counterparts, but three are animal themed. You have monkey, bunny, and tortoise karts, boasting a much more radical design that adds some interesting diversity to the selection. You can’t just rely on looks, however, as each kart is designed around four characteristics: speed, handling, drift, and boost. While a couple of vehicles seem to be slightly more balanced than the rest, there is no way that you can pick one of them and take the victory for granted.

KartRider: Drift offers various play modes for certain types of gamers to catch up with. If you're new to the game and the genre, the Item Mode is perfect for the first race, as it's easy to learn, no penalty whatsoever, and have a lot of items to add to the fun. But if you want something more competitive, the Speed Mode is basically a Rank mode for you to climb to the top of the chart. Buy cheap KartRider Drift Coins via reputable seller 5mmo.com, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

With the Speed Mode, the maps are less forgiving, as there are a lot of sharp turns that will put your steering skills to a real test. You can expect a lot of cool drifts as well as intensive races that you can never guess who will be the first one to cross the finish line. And last but not least, KartRider: Drift is aiming to go big, so NEXON has packed a lot of karts, character designs, and maps to the game now. It also confirmed that there will be Seasonal contents coming regularly in the future, which will bring more motivation for you to grind.

Kartrider: Drift makes good use of Unreal Engine 4, delivering some pleasant sights and colorful tracks. The lighting effects and reflections are top-notch, and the game conveys an accomplished cartoon mood capable of entertaining kids and adults alike. The closed beta is a nice presentation card for Kartrider: Drift. The core mechanics are in place and it just needs more: more drivers, more tracks, more features to keep you coming back for another race. Nexon seems to be committed to its game and it might as well be – it may be no Mario Kart beater, but it sure is nice to welcome a serious contender to the genre.
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