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How to Solve the Black Screen of the Royal Knight in MapleStory M and Here is the Solution

MapleStory M Royal Knight enters the game on the black screen, then press the Home button to exit the game directly, the game can not play, how to solve? Recently popular MapleStory M Royal Knight black screen has plagued many players, now here is the way to concentrate on explaining the solution.
First of all, first determine whether the game black screen is a problem with the mobile phone, such as the phone firmware version is too low, etc., if the confirmation is correct, please see the second step. Excluding the phone firmware problem, the eight achievements are the problems of the game itself. MapleStory M: After the last update of the Royal Knight, there was a large number of black screens.

MapleStory M Royal Knight

The previous version did not appear black. First try to restart the phone and re-download the game. If the game is not mandatory, it is best to download the last stable version. If the game still has a black screen after re-downloading, please contact the official customer service. The current popular MapleStory M Royal Knight. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain a lot more data relating to Cheap MapleStory M Currency kindly pay a visit to the web site. The crack is the IAPFree plugin made by the crazy robot cat. Before using this plugin, please make sure that your machine has been jailbroken. The next small series will teach you how to use IAPFree to achieve internal purchase crack.
First, you will find an icon called cydia on the desktop of your iOS device. If you don't see this icon, it means that you are not jailbroken, but the latest operating system IOS 6.1.2 is not jailbroken, you don't have to look down. If you see this icon on your desktop, launch the app.
After the installation is complete, Maple Valley: Adventure Island Royal Knight buy-in crack is complete. When you re-enter the game to buy something like a diamond that costs money, you can buy it directly. If this method has no effect, it may be caused by the following reasons. You are playing the Android version. Android phones do not currently have any in-app purchase crack patches. You can try to open the flight mode to disconnect the network and try the in-app purchase.
You can choose the general mode or the difficult mode. No matter which mode is three levels, corridor 1 and corridor 2 are mobs. After the game, you will come to the tower of Hira, you can play BOSS, and the difficult mode After the time, everyone can only kill up to 15 times, and every time someone dies, BOSS will become stronger. When everyone adds up more than 15 times, they will fail directly and will be transmitted. Flame Jet: Sheila's normal attack deals Fire damage to enemies in front. Shock: Sheila will jump backwards and generate shock waves, which will damage the shock wave.
Shipai attack: Sheila will summon the card, if it hits the stone, it will be hurt. Flame Explosion: Sheila's biggest attacking skill, causing damage to all people in the whole picture. Group therapy: Sheila will use a wide range of blood-filling skills, all enemies will recover 1 million HP. Summon soldiers: Sheila will continue to use the skills of summoning soldiers, and the monsters appearing in Corridor 1 and Corridor 2 have the opportunity to be summoned.
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