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Hotels.com also launched an app for both Android and Apple devices

Hotels.com Gift Cards Hotels.com was founded by David Litman in 1991 in Dallas, Texas in the U.S., and lists over 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations, including North, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, Japan, China and the Pacific Rim, the Middle East and South Africa.

The concept derived from the theory that consumers are easily aware of Hotels.com being a hotel booking platform - as it says in the name - but are far less likely to know that the site can also be used to booking seaside cabanas, yurts, and interesting alternative hotels like a dolphin hotel in San Diego. This discrepancy is unsurprisingly due to the simplistic nature of the company's name and web address. The solution? Fix the name.

Hotels.com has a loyalty program named Hotels.com Rewards. It allows customers to claim discounts on most hotels, regardless of hotel chain or type. For every 10 nights stayed at hotels booked with hotels.com, customers can claim a price reduction on a subsequent booking. This reduction is equivalent to the average amount paid for those nights. The reduction does not reduce taxes and fees payments and the accumulated nights are limited to 12 months only.

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