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Girls Chronicle: Idle Heroine is an RPG game launched by C4GAMES

Many mobile games that carry anime themes with gacha elements in them. Gacha is a way to get rare and limited characters / items in a game by using in-game currency. The currency is obtained by searching within the game or buying using real money.

The chance to get these characters / items is very small, usually under 1 percent. Because of that, gamers are competing to gacha in order to get the desired character / item. Gamers will feel satisfied when they get what they want. that's what causes many gamers willing to spend money to millions for gacha.

The most famous Idle RPG game! Hundreds of gorgeous characters, created by top painters! Popular Anime Voice Actors dedicate adorable voices! If you need Buy Girls Chronicle Idle Heroine Gold, you can visit our site z2u.com.

In the era of the war, suffered people are in need of a savior. With no hesitation, you are the 1 they’re looking for! For the sake of saving girls, war it! In fragments of time, with one-hand operation, you can obtain stronger each day, so easy! Gather your heroes and grab win with your strategy! Let’s go, enter the globe of Girls Chronicle!

Girls Chronicle is a game from C4GAMES that has an RPG genre. Gacha on Girls Chronicle is used to collect characters called maidens. During 2019, Girls Chronicle received revenue of 97 million US dollars or around Rp1.3 trillion.
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