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FIFA 21 next gen was available now

FIFA 21 Coins When EA Sports announced that FIFA 21 would be getting an upgrade on PS5 — which is free if you already own the PS4 version — we kept our expectations low. We enjoyed FIFA 21 on PS4 but the footie sim was really starting to show its age. Compared to other heavy hitting sports titles like MLB The Show 20 and NBA 2K21 it was rough.

Release was scheduled for December 4 but EA announced that players of the current console generation would be able to download the game today with worldwide rollout to follow.

The most obvious improvement that can be brought by a new console is improved graphics and while FIFA 21 doesn't have the jaw-dropping visuals of games like Demon's Souls superior lighting and animations add a nice sheen to proceedings. There are new little details that are welcome such as more passionate celebrations from fans and players when a late winner or equalizer goes in and shouting between players. Pre-game cutscenes show fans filling up the stands in place of the old loading screen minigames made obsolete since hitting "Play Match" to kick-off takes seconds. These graphical updates are subtle for most player models but shine on the wide shots of arenas. A new camera meant to replicate television broadcasts is jarring at first but offers a better look at the whole field and is ultimately appreciated.

In terms of what this means for gameplay FUT 21 Coins players now take more human contextual touches reducing mechanical or robotic movement within matches. Although this feature does make a slight difference to gameplay making it a bit smoother and realistic along with a number of other changes the gameplay is very similar to the current gen addition.

As for PS5-specific improvements FIFA 21's got the lot. Load times are now so non-existent that pre-match skill games aren't even enabled by default. You just click 'play match' and you're in. Likewise menus are instantaneous — no annoying stutters or slight input lag as you pop them open. Everything's just... Immediate.

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