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About Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Guide

Genshin Impact Primogem Account Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact are an important resource. You can refine them at a Blacksmith to create Mystic Enhancement Ore to upgrade weapons and you will also need plenty of it to build other weapons in the game.

Crystal chunks can be found all throughout the map in Genshin Impact but there are certain areas where they are more concentrated. Inside of caves in rocky or mountainous areas are the best places to farm crystal chunks. Mt. Aozang in Minlin has a cave entrance next to the river and is a good starting point for new players.

Genshin Impact

Those areas are recommended by the game itself but players have found a few other areas where White Iron Chunks seem to spawn frequently. In the Dihua Marsh there are rocky areas that frequently have clusters of White Iron Chunks Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account online and some players have even reported finding them in the Musk Reef though this area is difficult to get to especially early on. Players wanting a lot of this material simply need to check back at these locations daily and mine whatever they can find.

As you play through the game it is a great idea to just farm all the resources that you run into even if you don’t need them at that particular time. It will save you have to scour the map to try and find them if you build up a large supply of resources as you discover them.

To break Crystal Chunks you will need to use heavy weapons like the Claymore bombs such as Amber’s second ability or Geo abilities can also make quick work of them. If you are just using normal swords you will need to hack away for quite a while to get them to break.

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